Close to two decades ago I brought my creator owned title HAWKSHAWS into comic book world existence. Abel Walker & Joseph Swann, a peculiar pairing set in a retro-future world of power, privilege & oppression. Two sleuths. I wrote, illustrated, colored, and even lettered a short story that was followed by a single issue, which well received, was to a small audience. In these new times I’m hopeful with the help of the social network I can expand that audience & push this book closer to the dreams I still imagine. Coming close to a twenty year anniversary of the comics initial publishing date I’d like to reintroduce the duo & give the story somewhat of a rebirth. As time has passed my art style along with my original idea for the title have progressed a bit, reflecting accordingly with the present times and social issues. I’d like to share this evolution with a few post of character designs, vehicle concepts, & landscapes as the process evolves. To start things off here’s a look at a new concept poster along with the original short story that got this whole thing started. Check back for more.